Biden Voices Support For Assault Weapons Ban During Lame-Duck Congress

3 days ago

President Joe Biden said Thursday that he was open to a last-ditch effort to ban assault-style weapons as the 117th Congress winds down and Republicans prepare to take over control of the House in January.

With Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress for just a few more weeks, Biden said he would “start counting votes” to see how much support there might be for such legislation.

“I’m going to try to get rid of assault weapons,” he told reporters during a Thanksgiving Day visit to Nantucket Island off the coast of Massachusetts.

In less than one week, two major mass shootings claimed the lives of at least five victims at a Colorado nightclub and at least six victims at a Virginia Walmart, renewing once more the national debate over how to stop these horrific killings. Authorities say the Colorado suspect had both an AR-style rifle and a handgun, while the Virginia suspect, now deceased, only used a handgun.

Assault-style weapons are frequently seen in the dead...

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