Biden says Trump and 'extreme' GOP are 'destroying America' at Maryland rally

3 months ago

President Joe Biden blasted erstwhile President Donald Trump and 'MAGA Republicans' for 'destroying America' astatine a Maryland rally Thursday night. 

'I respect blimpish Republicans, I don't person immoderate respect for MAGA Republicans,' Biden told the assemblage gathered astatine the Richard Montgomery High School successful Rockville, Maryland. 

Biden warned that 'the MAGA Republicans don't conscionable endanger our idiosyncratic rights and our economical security, they're a menace to our precise democracy.' 

'They garbage to judge the volition of the people, they clasp governmental violence, they don't judge successful democracy,' helium continued. 'That's wherefore successful this moment, those of you who emotion this country, we indispensable beryllium stronger, much determined and much committed to redeeming America than the MAGA Republicans are destroying America.' 

Biden outed Congressional Republicans who helium said told him they felt they should person voted for the Inflation Reduction Act - his astir caller legislative accomplishment that includes healthcare, medicine cause and clime initiatives - but didn't, fearing governmental repercussions. 

'You'd deliberation if the Republicans truly cared astir reducing ostentation they would person voted for the Inflation Reduction Act,' Biden said. 'But each azygous Republican voted against it - adjacent I cognize astatine slightest a twelve of them who thought they should ballot for it, but they would beryllium primaried for it.' 

No Republican successful either the House oregon Senate voted for the legislation.  

'Every azygous American needs to instrumentality the favour erstwhile we vote,' Biden said.  

The president was concisely interrupted by a heckler who yelled: 'You stole the election! You stole the election!' 

The man, wearing a suit, was booed by the assemblage and rapidly ushered out. He changeable up his fingers successful a 'V' formation, a la Richard Nixon, and took a little bow earlier helium exited the room. 

'Let him spell - fto him spell - that's OK,' Biden said arsenic the incidental played out. 'Ignorance knows nary boundaries,' the president past added. 

President Joe Biden blasted erstwhile President Donald Trump and 'MAGA Republicans' for 'destroying America' astatine a Maryland rally Thursday night

President Joe Biden (right) was successful Maryland to stump for a quartet of Democratic campaigner successful Maryland but predominantly Wes Moore (left), the Democratic nominee for the governor's mansion.

Biden went hard connected the alleged 'MAGA Republicans' and the erstwhile president passim his address.  

'In 2020, you and 81 cardinal Americans voted to prevention our democracy, that's wherefore Donald Trump isn't conscionable a erstwhile president, he's a defeated erstwhile president,' Biden said.  

'Will we beryllium a state that moves guardant oregon backward? Will we physique a aboriginal oregon obsess implicit the past? Will we beryllium a federation of unity, of hope, of optimism, not a federation of anger, violence, hatred and division?' helium asked the crowd.

'Trump and the utmost MAGA Republicans person made their choice. To spell backwards, afloat of anger, violence, hatred and division, but we've chosen a antithetic path,' the president said. 

Biden was successful Maryland to stump for a quartet of Democratic campaigner successful Maryland but predominantly Wes Moore, the Democratic nominee for the governor's mansion. 

Moore is connected the ballot against Republican Dan Cox, a Trump-backed MAGA campaigner the Democratic Governors Association propped up successful hopes helium would beryllium easier to bushed successful November successful the purple state. 

Cox is not supported by the state's existent mean Republican Gov. Larry Hogan, a fashionable fig who was term-limited. 

'Do not underestimate what we're against. Do not underestimate what we are up against,' Moore told the assemblage earlier introducing Biden. 'It is not large that travel November we are up against an election-denier.' 

Of Moore, Biden pointed retired 'he's a combat veteran.' 'Only drawback is he's a Rhode's Scholar,' the president joked.

'And if we each bash our part, the adjacent politician of Maryland,' the president said to cheers. 

Biden highlighted the contention by saying 'Wes knows each astir MAGA Republicans, he's moving against 1 of them.' 

'So however utmost are these MAGA Republicans? Just instrumentality a look astatine what happened since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade - successful reddish authorities aft reddish authorities there's a contention to walk the astir restrictive termination limitations imaginable, adjacent without objection for rape and incest,' Biden said. 

'But these MAGA Republicans won't halt determination - they privation a nationalist ban,' Biden continued.  'It won't substance wherever you live, women won't person the close to take anywhere, anywhere,' the president added, vowing to veto specified a bill. 

A cheer of 'let's spell Joe!' broke out. 

'The MAGA Republicans person awakened the almighty unit successful America - the women of this nation,' Biden continued. 'MAGA Republicans don't person a hint astir the powerfulness of women. Let maine archer you something, they are astir to find out.'  

Biden was besides successful the authorities to stump for Sen. Chris Van Hollen, Democratic nominee for Maryland lieutenant governor, Aruna Miller and Democratic nominee for Maryland comptroller, Brooke Lierman.

Biden recalled however Van Hollen helped him hole for his debates against Trump during the 2020 campaign. 

'So if you don't similar me, blasted Chris,' the president joked. 

He said of Van Hollen's election, 'I'll run for oregon against him, whichever volition assistance him the most.'  

Prior to Biden's arrival, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who represents Maryland, and Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, a cardinal subordinate of the January 6 House prime committee spoke to the crowd. 

Biden besides called retired Republican Maryland Rep. Andy Harris for touting backing for infrastructure projects, aft voting against the bipartisan infrastructure measure precocious past year. 

'There's a batch much Republicans taking recognition for a measure they really voted against,' Biden chided.  

First Lady Jill Biden was primitively scheduled to attend, but remains successful Rehoboth Beach, Delaware aft investigating affirmative for COVID-19 again Wednesday, a rebound lawsuit from taking the anviral cause Paxlovid. 

Before addressing the mainstage, the president popped into 2 rooms holding overflow crowds. 

'The bully quality of being successful an overflow country is you tin permission erstwhile I commencement to speak,' helium joked during his archetypal stop, aboriginal adding, 'I volition not beryllium offended if you leave. I'm going to spell up and talk successful a minute.' 

'I conscionable privation to accidental convey you - convey you, convey you, convey you,' helium besides told supporters. 

He praised Maryland's Congressional delegation, and kidded with 1 subordinate of the crowd. 

'How bash they fto you deterioration a Penn State jersey?' Biden asked, arsenic the University of Maryland - different Big Ten schoolhouse - is located nearby. 

In a 2nd room, a cafeteria, helium addressed members of the school's band, portion 1 protagonist loudly encouraged Biden to tackle 'immigration!' 

'There are much Latinos successful my medication than immoderate different medication successful American history. My medication looks similar America,' the president replied. 

President Joe Biden speaks to the overflow assemblage Thursday nighttime astatine the Richard Montgomery High School successful Rockville, Maryland

Rep. Jamie Raskin gives a thumbs up to the assemblage Thursday nighttime at Richard Montgomery High School successful Rockville, Maryland 

Members of the Bowie High School marching set execute astatine a Democratic National Committee rally successful Rockville, Maryland 

A pistillate holds up a motion thanking President Joe Biden up of the president's quality Thursday nighttime successful Rockville, Maryland 

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who represents Maryland, addresses the assemblage Thursday astatine the Richard Montgomery High School successful Rockville, Maryland 

Earlier, astatine a fundraiser successful Bethesda astatine a $3.1 cardinal home, Biden utilized immoderate of his harshest rhetoric yet to picture Trump and the 'extreme' Republican ideology, saying they represented 'semi-fascism.' 

'What we're seeing now, is either the opening oregon the decease knell of an utmost MAGA philosophy,' Biden told astir 100 affluent donors. 'It's not conscionable Trump, it's the full doctrine that underpins the - I'm going to accidental thing - it's similar semi-fascism.' 

The president warned that not lone were reproductive rights connected the ballot successful November - but cheery matrimony - and the GOP could, again, spell aft Obamacare. 

'This is not your father's Republican party. This is simply a antithetic deal,' helium said, repeating a enactment he's often delivered astatine fundraisers. 

The tiny gathering successful Bethesda, a tony suburb of Washington, D.C., was expected to rise $1 cardinal for the Democratic National Committee and  the Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund. 

A subordinate of the U.S. Secret Service stands extracurricular the $3.1 cardinal Bethesda location wherever President Joe Biden headlined a fundraiser Thursday evening 

President Joe Biden, photographed Wednesday astatine the White House, called the ideology of erstwhile President Donald Trump and 'extreme' Republicans ''semi-fascism' 

President Joe Biden's motorcade is seen driving connected the Capital Beltway arsenic helium traveled to a Bethesda, Maryland residence for a DNC fundraiser that was expected to bring the enactment $1 million 

The Bowie High School marching set performs astatine a Democratic National Committee rally headlined Thursday evening by President Joe Biden 

The DNC said Thursday the enactment had raised 'a midterm record' of $255 cardinal this rhythm and $92 cardinal truthful acold this year.  

A spokeperson for the Republican National Committee hammered the president for returning from his two-state, three-home abrogation Wednesday, lone to crook astir and header a fundraiser successful the ritzy D.C. suburbs the adjacent day. 

'In emblematic Biden fashion, alternatively of fixing the aggregate crises helium created, helium comes backmost from weeks of abrogation lone to hobnob with wide elites wrong the beltway,' said RNC spokesperson Emma Vaughn. 'If lone Biden was arsenic focused connected serving hardworking Americans and families arsenic helium was connected readying his vacations.' 

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