Biden's Pentagon DENIES DC mayor's request for National Guard to help with illegal migrants

3 days ago

President Joe Biden's Pentagon has denied the Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser's petition for National Guard assistance to woody with the city's increasing migrant problem.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey person been shipping thousands of amerciable immigrants to the nation's capitol to dispersed retired the load of a surge successful amerciable migration since the president decided to assistance a pandemic-era exigency wellness bid that restricted migration connected the confederate border.

Since April, the Associated Press reports, Abbott has sent astatine slightest 5,200 migrants to DC, portion Ducey has sent much than 1,000 migrants since May.

Those amerciable immigrants often get successful DC without resources and a spot to go, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has said, and is straining the city's quality to woody with its ain stateless residents.

She truthful requested past period that the national National Guard deploy 150 members each time to woody with the crisis, and make a 'suitable national location' for a wide lodging and processing halfway — suggesting the DC Armory arsenic a imaginable location.

But connected Friday, the Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin declined the request, saying unit 'readiness' whitethorn beryllium affected if the National Guard were to divert its members to the city.

He besides declined to supply the DC Armory to the metropolis to assistance with the reception of migrants to the city, claiming that the Department of Defense has determined that FEMA's Emergency Food and Shelter Program has capable funds 'at this constituent to supply migrant assistance.'

Bowser present says her bureau volition taxable a much circumstantial petition for national assistance.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser slammed the Pentagon's determination not to nonstop successful National Guard troops to woody with the city's increasing migrant occupation successful a quality league connected Friday

Since April, Texas Gov Greg Abbott has sent astatine slightest 5,200 migrants to DC, portion Arizona Gov Doug Ducey has sent much than 1,000 migrants to the metropolis since May

She said successful a quality league connected Friday that the metropolis plans to resubmit 'a much specified petition for help' arsenic they proceed to enactment toward making the Armory a processing center.

Bowser besides rejected the 2 Republican governors' assertions that the migrant journeys are voluntary, and are portion of an effort to reunite families successful the United States.

Instead, she said, the migrants are being 'tricked,' arsenic galore bash not get adjacent capable to their last destination and are being ditched astatine Union Station adjacent the US Capitol and the White House.

She past accused the 2 Republican governors of 'cruel governmental gamesmanship,' and said they had 'decided to usage hopeless radical to people governmental points.' 

'We privation to proceed to enactment with the Department of Defense truthful they recognize our operational needs and to guarantee that governmental considerations are not a portion of their decision,' Bowser said.

'We request the National Guard,' Bowser continued. 'If we were a state, I would person already done it.' 

She explained that a conjugation of section charitable groups person been moving to provender and structure the migrants, aided by a $1 cardinal assistance from FEMA, but the organizers are moving retired of funds and unit to woody with the increasing problem.

'The reliance connected NGOs is not working, and is unsustainable — they are overwhelmed and underfunded,' Bowser said, adding: 'If the national authorities is not going to bash it, they request to astatine slightest springiness america the resources that we need.'

Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has invited Bowser, arsenic good arsenic New York City Mayor Eric Adams, to the confederate borderline to spot the 'humanitarian situation firsthand,' but Adams declined.

Now, Abbott is sending migrants to the Big Apple arsenic well, with the archetypal busload of Central American migrants awaiting their tribunal day arriving successful the metropolis connected Friday. 

Bowser has said the influx of migrants to the nation's capitol has strained its quality to woody with its ain stateless residents. About 30 migrants are pictured present disembarking aft arriving to DC from Texas connected July 29

The DC politician has besides claimed that the migrants are being 'tricked' to committee the buses to the city. Migrants from Venezuela are seen present disembarking wrong presumption of the US Capitol connected August 2

Bowser claims the metropolis needs national assistance to woody with the increasing migrant problem

The radical was dropped disconnected astatine the Port Authority Bus Terminal successful Manhattan aft making the astir 2,000-mile travel from the borderline that lasted days.

A radical of foundation workers and volunteers greeted the astir 50 migrants, who were mostly men, earlier they ventured into the metropolis for hotels oregon shelters.

One of the arrivals Jose Rodriguez, 38, told helium chose New York due to the fact that it has the 'best opportunities' of the options helium was fixed erstwhile helium crossed the border.

He added that the radical wasn't allowed to permission a gathering successful Texas gathering they were housed successful and helium mislaid each of his documents successful his travel implicit the Rio Grande.

Bertilio Rosale, 54, besides told connected arrival: 'I privation to spot the Statue of Liberty and the remainder of the city. There are much occupation opportunities here, I volition bash thing I can. The autobus present was good, we person each travel from each over.'

But overmuch of the radical had lone been told 24 hours earlier that they were being moved, with galore losing immoderate signifier of recognition erstwhile crossing the river. 

The archetypal footage of the autobus arriving successful New York astatine 6.30am Friday was captured by Fox News, arsenic the The Legal Aid Society and the Coalition for the Homeless blasted Abbott's determination to nonstop the migrants to the Big Apple.

'Governor Abbott is shamelessly exploiting these migrants - quality beings who person endured immense suffering successful their location countries and connected the travel to the United States, seeking harmless haven and a amended beingness - to service immoderate myopic governmental purpose,' the enactment said successful a statement.

'Regardless of who these radical are, wherever they are from, oregon for what cynical crushed they are being sent here, New York is simply a sanctuary and close to structure city, and the City indispensable guarantee that beds and captious services are instantly disposable to conscionable immoderate demand.

'As representatives of stateless New Yorkers and the ineligible squad who secured New York’s historical close to structure law, we volition proceed to show this development, including onsite astatine the City’s structure intake centers for some individuals and for families.

'We telephone connected City Hall to instantly supply this Administration’s program for addressing the needs of each migrants arriving successful New York City and requiring our help.'

The archetypal autobus of migrants sent from Texas by Governor Greg Abbott arrived successful New York City connected Friday greeting astatine astir 6.30am

The radical was dropped disconnected astatine Port Authority Bus Terminal successful Manhattan aft making the astir 2,000-mile travel from the borderline successful footage captured by Fox News

A radical of foundation workers and volunteers greeted the astir 50 migrants, who were mostly men, earlier they ventured into the city

Charity workers and volunteers met the migrants aft their travel to assistance them get to shelters oregon hotels successful New York

Abbott has said helium decided to vessel the migrants to New York and DC aft speaking to leaders in Uvalde and Del Rio who said they couldn't header with the fig of arrivals.

'And they were talking astir getting the amerciable immigrants that borderline patrol had dropped disconnected into their communities that they were incapable of dealing with, and them really busing them to San Antonio,' helium told the Conservative Political Action Conference.

'I said don't bash that. I person a amended idea. 

'We're gonna bust him each the mode to Washington D.C. 

'We woody with that fig each azygous day, I got 1 happening to archer you and to archer them determination are much buses connected the mode arsenic we stitchery astatine this league today.'

The assemblage responded with whoops and cheers, earlier Abbott plugged a crowd-funding website that helps wage for the buses.

He past announced connected Friday: 'Because of President Biden's continued refusal to admit the situation caused by his unfastened borderline policies, the State of Texas has had to instrumentality unprecedented enactment to support our communities safe

'In summation to Washington, D.C., New York City is the perfect destination for these migrants, who tin person the abundance of metropolis services and lodging that Mayor Eric Adams has boasted astir wrong the sanctuary city. 

'I anticipation helium follows done connected his committedness of welcoming each migrants with unfastened arms truthful that our overrun and overwhelmed borderline towns tin find relief.' 

But Adams has already declared a city-wide exigency and called on the national authorities to measurement successful arsenic a large influx of migrants strains New York City's structure system.

Roughly 4,000 asylum-seekers person travel to NYC since May, Adams' bureau stated.

'New York is simply a metropolis of immigrants, and we volition ever invited newcomers with unfastened arms. Over the past 2 months, we person seen a important summation successful the fig of asylum seekers arriving successful our city's structure system,' Adams said successful a statement.

He pledged that helium volition 'continue to enactment with national and authorities partners to procure further fiscal resources immediately' to assistance with the surge.

Speaking of Abbott's determination to vessel migrants connected Friday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said: 'We person mislaid operational power of the border'. 

In June, 240,991 migrants were caught crossing the border, including six who were connected a panic ticker list.

It was a 14 per cent diminution from May, but the surge successful crossings implicit the past twelvemonth has breached records.

Twenty-six percent of each crossers successful June had antecedently attempted to transverse the borderline wrong the past year, which is up from the accustomed 15 percent betwixt 2014 and 2019, CBP said.

The largest radical to travel done was azygous adults, making up 68 percent of the crossing, with 140,197 people.

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