Biden Protected by Very Guns He Says Have 'No Redeeming Value'

1 week ago

President Joe Biden is protected by semiautomatic firearms yet told reporters Thanksgiving greeting that helium cannot recognize however income of semiautomatic guns continue, arsenic they person “no societal redeeming value.”

Biden said, “The thought we inactive let semiautomatic weapons to beryllium purchased is sick. It has nary societal redeeming value.”

Ironically, Biden is protected by semiautomatic handguns. The U.S Secret Service transitioned from Glock handguns to Sig Sauer pistols recently, and some Glock and Sig are semiautomatic pistols.

(Can you adjacent ideate a satellite successful which Secret Service agents are lasting astir with six-shot revolvers successful their holsters?)

After criticizing semiautomatics, Biden pledged anew connected Thanksgiving to prohibition “assault weapons.”

Ironically, again, Biden is protected by “assault weapons.”

Breitbart News reported that Biden was fixed a Secret Service item during the 2020 statesmanlike run and from that clip till now, agents are astir him 24/7 to support him safe.

A root told Breitbart News specified a item meant Biden would beryllium protected with semiautomatic pistols and rifles — possibly ARs and/or Sig Sauer MCX level firearms. There was besides the beardown anticipation of afloat automatic firearms being portion of the equation. The second class of firearms consists of submachine guns, specified arsenic the H&K MP5. (An MP5 is simply a existent “assault weapon.”)

🚨BREAKING NEWS: President @JoeBiden is spending Thanksgiving demonizing weapon owners and ALL semi-automatic firearms.

"Nobody is trying to instrumentality your guns" is 1 of his biggest lies spewed to the American people.

— NRA (@NRA) November 24, 2022

Biden’s agents trust connected semiautomatic level firearms to support him from atrocious guys, yet Biden criticizes specified guns being for merchantability for mean citizens who request to support their ain lives everyday. The cardinal phrase: “No societal redeeming value.”

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