Biden makes Thanksgiving attack on 'sick' sale of semi-automatic weapons

1 week ago

President Joe Biden called the merchantability of semiautomatic weapons 'sick' and continued to telephone for an battle weapons prohibition and amended reddish emblem laws successful the aftermath of wide shootings astatine a Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart and a Colorado Springs LGBTQ club. 

'The thought that we inactive let semiautomatic weapons to beryllium purchased is sick,' Biden told reporters connected Thursday, during a speedy halt astatine the Nantucket Fire Department, to bring archetypal responders immoderate Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. 'It's conscionable sick. It has no, nary societal redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it but nett for the weapon manufacturers.' 

As helium walked up to reporters, helium besides pushed backmost connected disapproval of reddish emblem laws - that they could beryllium utilized to people radical and instrumentality distant their guns, alternatively of region weapons from individuals who are genuinely unsafe - calling that conception 'ridiculous.' 

He mentioned however Delaware, with the assistance of his son, the precocious Beau Biden, had 1 of the archetypal reddish emblem laws successful the state 'and it made a batch of difference.'  

Biden said helium would proceed to propulsion for an battle weapons ban. 

'I'm going to try,' helium said. 'I'm going to effort to get escaped of battle weapons.' 

When asked specifically if he'd effort to propulsion Congress to marque advancement connected the contented successful the lame duck, helium added, 'I'm going to bash it whenever - I've got to marque that appraisal arsenic I get successful and commencement counting votes.' 

President Joe Biden called the merchantability of semiautomatic weapons 'sick' and continued to telephone for an battle weapons prohibition and amended reddish emblem laws successful the aftermath of wide shootings astatine a Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart and a Colorado Springs LGBTQ club

President Joe Biden spoke with reporters extracurricular the Nantucket Fire Station connected Thanksgiving morning, making nationalist comments for the archetypal clip since Tuesday night's Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart shooting wherever an worker gunned down six    

The Democrats volition suffer power of the House of Representatives erstwhile the caller Congress starts successful aboriginal January, but they clasp a bulk successful the Senate. 

The Chesapeake onslaught happened 3 days aft radical astatine an LGBTQ nine successful Colorado Springs, Colorado were gunned down and a week aft a erstwhile University of Virginia shot killed 3 members of the existent roster. 

While these were the archetypal nationalist remarks the president made since Tuesday night's Chesapeake shooting, the laws Biden mentioned would person done much to halt the shooter successful Colorado Springs. 

The gunman, 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich, brought an AR-style limb and a handgun to Club Q connected Saturday night, and had been antecedently charged with felony menacing and first-degree kidnapping aft making a weaponry threat. 

The White House said aboriginal Thursday that the president and archetypal woman had called the owners of Club Q, Nic Grzecka and Matthew Haynes, to connection condolences.   

'They reiterated their enactment for the assemblage arsenic good arsenic their committedness to warring backmost against hatred and weapon violence. They besides thanked Nic and Matthew for the unthinkable contributions they person made and volition proceed to marque to Colorado Springs,' the White House said. 

The Chesapeake, Virginia shooter utilized a pistol, which wouldn't autumn nether immoderate specified ban.

On Wednesday, arsenic had already arrived connected Nantucket for his Thanksgiving break, the president sent retired condolences to the Chesapeake, Virginia families successful a statement. 

Biden noted however families volition beryllium mourning connected 'one of our astir cherished holidays' alternatively than celebrating with their families.

Biden spoke successful effect to the shooting astatine a Walmart successful Chesapeake, Virginia, connected Tuesday that killed six (pictured afterwards)

He was besides referring to the Club Q massacre astatine a cheery nightclub successful Colorado, which saw six killed by a non-binary shooter equipped with an AR-15

'Because of yet different horrific and senseless enactment of violence, determination are present adjacent much tables crossed the state that volition person bare seats this Thanksgiving,' Biden wrote successful a statement.

'Jill and I grieve for those families, for the Chesapeake community, and for the Commonwealth of Virginia, which conscionable suffered a unspeakable shooting astatine the University of Virginia this month,' helium said. 

'We besides mourn for each those crossed America who person mislaid loved ones to these tragic shootings that we indispensable travel unneurotic arsenic a federation to basal against,' Biden added. 

A gunman, identified arsenic 31-year-old Walmart employee Andre Bing, opened occurrence successful the store's breakroom astatine 10:10 p.m. Tuesday - sidesplitting six. 

At slightest 5 of the six victims were chap employees - who constabulary identified as Lorenzo Gamble, Brian Pendleton, Kellie Pyle, Randall Blevins, Tyneka Johnson and a 16-year-old boy, whose sanction was withheld due to the fact that he's a minor. 

Police revealed that Bing had a manifesto, successful which helium wrote that helium was being harassed by his Walmart colleagues. 

A neighbour who lived adjacent to Bing described said she saw him permission for his accustomed precocious displacement successful silence.  

Speaking to, she said: 'I americium shocked, particularly erstwhile I saw the magnitude of radical that were dead. I was adjacent much shocked erstwhile I recovered retired it was him.' 

'I lone realized erstwhile I saw the FBI present this morning. My girl saw them get present past nighttime with the battering ram but I didn't perceive anything,' the neighbour continued. 'He kept himself to himself, helium was ever alone. No 1 other lived successful that house.'

The neighbour recalled seeing 'one guy' astatine Bing's location a fewer months agone 'but that was it.'   

'It's lone been him. I would spot him mowing his tract and things but helium would ne'er talk. He was odd. 'I tried to speech to him but helium conscionable wasn't funny astatine all,' she said. 

'I'm truthful gladsome that I didn't talk to him. He seemed arsenic helium usually did, conscionable got successful his car and drove off. Nothing seemed different,' the neighbour continued. 

'Whole clip helium was present I ne'er saw him with a weapon oregon thing astatine all. It's shocking. It's a bully quiescent area,' she added. 

The White House said Wednesday that Biden called Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin to connection him national assistance.  

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