Biden Admin: 'Israel Has a Right to Protect Itself' Against Islamic Jihad Rockets

3 days ago

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Thomas R. Nides supported Israel’s “right to support itself” connected Friday aft the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), an Iran-backed panic radical successful Gaza, fired 100-plus rockets astatine Israeli towns earlier that day.

“The United States firmly believes that Israel has a close to support itself. We are engaging with antithetic parties and impulse each sides for calm,” Ambassador Nides wrote successful a Twitter connection connected August 5.

The United States firmly believes that Israel has a close to support itself. We are engaging with antithetic parties and impulse each sides for calm.

— Ambassador Tom Nides (@USAmbIsrael) August 5, 2022

PIJ claimed work connected August 5 for firing much than 100 rockets astatine confederate and cardinal Israeli towns that day, the Times of Israel reported.  A spokesperson for the panic radical claimed that the enactment was “just the beginning” of PIJ’s effect to an Israeli subject airstrike that killed its commander, Tayseer al-Jabari, successful Gaza earlier connected August 5.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) ordered a targeted airstrike connected an flat successful Gaza connected Friday that killed Al-Jabari. The IDF approved the airstrike aft Israeli quality learned that Al-Jabari was “involved successful readying important attacks against Israel, including with the usage of anti-tank missiles,” the Jerusalem Post reported connected August 5.

“The IDF said that it had collected quality astir Jabari’s plans respective weeks ago,” according to the newspaper.

The combined quality gathering and airstrike were portion of an IDF subject cognition called “Breaking Dawn,” which seeks to deter the PIJ from carrying retired panic attacks connected Israeli targets.

Al-Jabari was successful complaint of PIJ’s rocket arsenal and served arsenic the panic group’s superior coordinator with Hamas. Both PIJ and Hamas are proxy violent organizations backed by Iran that openly question the convulsive demolition of the authorities of Israel.

Hamas issued a connection connected August 5 successful which the panic radical said it was mourning the decease of Al-Jabari.

“[T]he humor of our radical and the absorption are not shed successful vain,” the connection read.

PIJ person Ziad al-Nakhalahon declared “war” connected Israel connected Friday successful retaliation for the IDF airstrike that killed Al-Jabari.

“We are heading to battle, and determination is nary truce aft this airstrike. The results of this warfare volition beryllium successful favour of the Palestinian people. The force should expect a battle, not a truce,” Al-Nakhalah stated.

Israel was preparing for further rocket attacks by the PIJ precocious Friday. The IDF’s Iron Dome anti-missile strategy protected Israeli cities, chiefly successful the country’s south, from the PIJ’s rocket barrage earlier connected August 5.

Israel’s Army Radio said the rockets launched astatine Israel by the PIJ connected Friday were little precocious models than those deployed by Hamas during the Iranian proxy’s past warfare with Israel successful May 2021.

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