Biden Admin Gender Policy Looks to Redefine 'Woman,' Deny Binary Sex

5 days ago

The pro-transgender radicals successful President Joe Biden’s medication are trying to erase the designation of women and of 2 complementary male-or-female sexes successful the United Nation’s worldwide networks of government-funded agencies, a caller papers reveals.

The document, titled “Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment,” redefines womanhood and seeks to undermine the sex binary. The word refers to men and women “in each their diversity,” a word they explicate “includes the afloat scope of sex individuality and/or sex expression, enactment characteristics, intersexual orientation, and different intersectional characteristics.”

The explanation offered for “women’s empowerment” begins by referring to “women and girls successful each their diversity.”

Perhaps much unnerving, the papers defines “intersex,” going connected to contend “there are astir 40 variations that cannot beryllium categorized arsenic antheral oregon female,” a connection that wholly rejects the sex binary.

Meanwhile, the word “gender binary” is defined arsenic a “system successful which sex is socially constructed into 2 categories of men and women.”

Rebecca Oas, the Director of Research of the Center for Family and Human Rights, explained successful a station that “[t]he draught argumentation was circulated for a little remark period, which precocious ended,” going connected to say, “The U.S. bureau successful complaint of planetary improvement assistance volition merchandise the last version, which volition regenerate the 2020 argumentation released nether the Trump administration.”

Oas besides noted, “These policies bash not transportation the unit of law, but they bash usher the enactment of immense U.S. authorities agencies, and often incorporate arguable elements that would brushwood overmuch stronger scrutiny—and resistance—if they were projected successful legislation.”

She besides pointed retired the radicalism of the Biden Administration’s approach, noting, “Oddly, the sex policies nether Obama and Trump were much akin than the evolving sex policies nether Biden. Obama and Trump argumentation inactive adhered to the man-woman binary.”

Oas besides explains, “Since its archetypal iteration, this argumentation laid retired the USAID strategy circumstantial to women and girls and “female empowerment.”  The caller draught shifts its absorption powerfully toward the advancement of LGBT issues, contempt the information that USAID has an full abstracted policy document connected that topic.”

Spencer Lindquist is simply a newsman for Breitbart News. Follow him connected Twitter @SpencerLndqst and scope retired astatine [email protected]

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