Barr: DOJ 'Taking a Hard Look' at the Group at the Top, Including Trump

2 days ago

Former Trump medication Attorney General Bill Barr said Friday connected CBS News’ streaming web that the Department of Justice was “taking a hard look” astatine high-ranking Trump allies and the erstwhile president himself.

CBS News analogous Catherine Herridge asked, “On January 6, bash the caller expansive assemblage subpoenas suggest that the Justice Department is squarely focused connected erstwhile President Trump?”

Barr said, “I deliberation it decidedly is simply a important event. It changes my presumption of what’s been going on. From my standpoint, it looked to maine similar the section was truly focusing connected the lower-level people. As you know, since the election, they’ve been going aft the radical who went into the Capitol. And I didn’t deliberation they were paying that overmuch attraction to the higher-ups and were benignant of leaving it to the legislature committee. But this suggests to maine that they’re taking a hard look astatine the radical astatine the top, including the president and the radical instantly astir him who were progressive successful this. It besides looks to maine that they are trying to get a ruling connected enforcement privilege.”

Herridge asked, “Did it get your attraction erstwhile a subpoena was issued for former White House counsel Pat Cipollone?”

Barr said, “Yeah, that was the astir significant.”

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