At Large Suspect Allegedly Tried to Rape Stranger on New York Subway

6 days ago

A antheral allegedly tried to rape a alien connected November 17 connected the New York subway in Manhattan, constabulary alerted the nationalist Thursday.

The suspect, a antheral believed to beryllium betwixt 25-35 years old, reportedly took disconnected his underwear and tried to rape a 24-year-old unfortunate connected the uptown subway bid 4. The fishy allegedly tried to rape the unfortunate by removing her apparel and lying connected apical of her. The NY Daily News reported:

The pistillate fled to different bid car. Her attacker got disconnected the bid astatine the Bowling Green halt and past got connected a ferry bound for Staten Island.

Cops released surveillance footage of the fishy and are asking the public’s assistance identifying him and tracking him down.

He is described arsenic 25 to 35 with dyed blond hairsbreadth and a close eyebrow piercing. He was wearing a achromatic wintertime overgarment with a fur-trimmed hood, a grey hoodie and sweatpants some emblazoned with the BMW logo and achromatic sneakers.

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