Ashli Babbitt Punched Rioter Seconds Before She Was Shot, New Video Shows

3 months ago

Ashli Babbitt was so upset about the escalating attack on the Speaker’s Lobby at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, she grabbed one of the primary rioters and punched him in the face seconds before she climbed through a broken window and was fatally shot by police, a new video reveals.

Ashli’s husband, Aaron Babbitt of San Diego, said the video provides crucial new details on what happened to his wife leading up to her killing.

“As we keep seeing these videos and it’s all coming into play and it’s literally laying out everything I’ve said from day one, that she’s a good person, that she loved this country, she was law enforcement, pro-law enforcement, wasn’t breaking anything, didn’t hurt anybody—we’re seeing it now,” Babbitt told The Epoch Times.

“We’re going to get to the bottom of it. We’re going to get it out there.”

The video is yet another blow to the media narrative that Babbitt was an angry insurrectionist rioter determined to prevent the certification of Electoral College votes by the U.S. Congress on Jan. 6, 2021.

For several minutes before she was shot, Babbitt implored the rioters to stop vandalizing the Capitol. She shouted at police guarding the double doors to call for backup, according to an analysis of footage shot by three cameramen.

A previously un-aired section of video shot by Sam Montoya for InfoWars shows rioter Zachary J. Alam repeatedly smashing the glass in one of the doors and the window to the right side of the doors. He used a black riot helmet as a cudgel.

As Alam pounded on the glass in the right door, Babbitt shouted, “Stop it!” The entire pane of glass then fell forward into the Speaker’s Lobby. Alam then turned attention to the side window and pounded until it, too, fell into the lobby, the video shows.

Babbitt then stepped toward the corner, grabbed Alam’s backpack, and delivered a left hook to his nose, knocking his glasses off, the video shows.

As Alam fumbled to put his glasses back on, Babbitt climbed into the window, where she was shot by U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd. She fell backward to the floor, mortally wounded. Alam turned around, saw Babbitt prone on the floor, flinched, and ran off-camera.

The .40-caliber bullet fired from Byrd’s Glock 22 pistol struck Babbitt in the left shoulder and ricocheted to her right shoulder, causing massive internal damage.

Babbitt’s punch not only stopped Alam from continuing his assault, it likely saved his life. Witnesses said they believe he was preparing to climb through the window when Babbitt cut in front of him.

Full Picture Coming Together

“That was a missing piece of the puzzle that just puts it all together,” Aaron Babbitt said of the video. “It shows what we’ve been saying all along based on my interpretation of what’s going on in that room.

“I could see the distress on her face. I could see her yell at the cops.”

Another video shot by journalist Tayler Hansen shows Babbitt berating the three police officers guarding the door for allowing the vandalism to continue.

“Call [expletive] help!” she said. “We’re allowed to be here!” When police did not react, Babbitt shouted, “You’re a fraud! You’re a [expletive] fraud! You’re wrong!”

Epoch Times Photo Video stills show Ashli Babbitt punch rioter Zachary Alam in the face after he broke a window leading into the Speaker’s Lobby at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. (Video Stills by Sam Montoya / Graphic by The Epoch Times)

Shortly after Babbitt shouted at the police,...

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