Arizona Republican Blake Masters Endorsed by Oil & Gas Workers, Small Business Advocacy Group

3 days ago

The Oil & Gas Workers Association (OGWA) and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) endorsed Arizona Republican Blake Masters successful his bid for U.S. Senate.

In a Thursday property release, Masters’ run announced it received an endorsement from OGWA, a nonprofit commercialized relation operated by workers successful the state and lipid sector:

Joe Biden and Mark Kelly declared warfare connected American vigor production. What a colossally anserine move!

We request to bushed immoderate Democrats first, but America volition erstwhile again beryllium vigor dominant. I americium pleased to beryllium endorsed by our nation’s lipid and state workers.

— Blake Masters (@bgmasters) September 23, 2022

“Because each ballot successful the Senate is important to protecting our U.S. lipid and state jobs and America’s vigor independence, Oil & Gas Workers Association proudly endorses Blake Masters for Senate and encourages each Arizonans to enactment his run with their vote,” OGWA President Matt Coday said.

As National Republican Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel elaborate successful an op-ed published by the Hill this month, Masters’ opponent, Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ), has repeatedly voted against pro-oil and state manufacture legislation:

Voters are getting sticker daze astatine the state pump too, acknowledgment to Kelly rubber-stamping Biden’s warfare connected American vigor production. Kelly voted to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline 4 times. He supported a ban connected fracking 3 times. He blocked new vigor accumulation connected national lands. And helium opposed an effort to halt Biden’s irresponsible scheme to vessel lipid from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to overseas countries, including China. As a result, gas prices successful Arizona are astir $4.00 per gallon. Basic tasks similar driving to enactment present outgo a tiny fortune.

In his effect to the association’s endorsement, Masters pledged to beryllium a staunch advocator for the state and lipid industry.

“Unlike my Democrat opponent, who puts America past successful each respect, I volition reconstruct American vigor independence, ne'er merchantability retired to the Chinese communist regime, and fortify our lipid and state manufacture present successful Arizona and crossed the country,” helium said.

In a abstracted merchandise connected Thursday, the Republican’s run announced that the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), a radical that serves arsenic an advocator for tiny businesses, endorsed him arsenic well:

✅ National Federation of Independent Business (@NFIB) endorses @bgmasters for U.S. Senate

— Blake Masters for U.S. Senate Press (@MastersPress) September 22, 2022

“Blake Masters has acquisition moving successful the concern assemblage and volition beryllium a beardown protagonist of Arizona’s tiny businesses successful the U.S. Senate,” NFIB Arizona authorities manager Chad Heinrich said, adding:

His apical precedence successful Congress volition beryllium to get the system backmost connected track, and to make a pro-small concern environment. He has besides expressed an involvement successful improving workforce training, which volition assistance tiny businesses immensely arsenic they proceed to negociate a idiosyncratic shortage. We are arrogant to endorse Blake Master contiguous and look guardant to moving with him.

Sharon Sussin, a elder nationalist governmental manager with NFIB, said the enactment “know[s] Masters will beryllium a dependable tiny concern advocator successful the U.S. Senate”:

NFIB FedPAC is arrogant to endorse @bgmasters for predetermination to the U.S. Senate. "His apical precedence successful Congress volition beryllium to get the system backmost connected way and to make a pro-#smallbiz environment." – @nfib_az's Chad Heinrich. #VoiceOfSmallBusiness #AZSen #Arizona

— NFIB (@NFIB) September 22, 2022

“He understands the issues tiny businesses are facing and volition beryllium a pro-small concern subordinate of Congress,” she continued.

Masters pledged, “Arizona’s tiny concern assemblage volition person a person successful me.”

“Our system is strongest erstwhile we make a taxation and regulatory situation that allows tiny businesses to thrive. One of the mantras I volition unrecorded by successful the Senate is ‘pro-business, pro-freedom, pro-America’ – I volition ne'er ballot for a national mandate that shuts down your business,” helium vowed.

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