Anna Paul is slammed after nightmare event in Perth

3 months ago

Fans of an Australian TikTok and OnlyFans prima described arsenic Australia's Kim Kardashian have lashed out at a fashionable activewear statement aft a conscionable and greet descended into chaos.

Western Australia Police were forced unopen down the lawsuit with influencer Anna Paul aft rowdy fans stormed a promenade and caused a assemblage crush.

Hundreds of teenagers descended connected a Stax popular up store successful Perth's CBD connected Sunday for the accidental to spot the 23-year-old influencer as she tours the country.

Dozens camped extracurricular the store overnight to beryllium archetypal successful the queue, which had grown to respective 1000 by 7am, 5 hours earlier the lawsuit was owed to begin.

Stax was incapable to proceed with the conscionable and greet aft the assemblage spiralled retired of control, forcing constabulary to intervene and unopen it down.

The chaos has sparked outrage from devastated fans who person slammed Stax implicit however the lawsuit was organised.

A conscionable and greet with fashionable influencer Anna Paul (pictured) descended into chaos successful Perth connected Sunday

'It was precise disappointing,' Tiffashleigh explained connected TikTok.

'I conscionable wasted 5 hours of my time to spell conscionable Anna Paul, which I didn't adjacent get to.'

She arrived astatine 7am, good earlier before the chaos erupted three-and-a-half hours later.

Those successful the queue were marked with a fig to debar akin scenes which occurred successful Melbourne respective days earlier.

'It was nice, and chilled and calm, I made friends with girls sitting successful beforehand of and down me,' Tiffy recalled.

'We were sitting down playing games and watching TikToks.'

'Between 7 and 10 o'clock, a agelong enactment truly started to make and past astir 10.30am, a antheral with a camera starting filming the agelong enactment down the street. 

'Everyone thought it was Anna and started pushing and screaming and that's erstwhile the chaos started.'

She claimed the assemblage was pushed into the broadside of the thoroughfare 'like sardines' arsenic much constabulary arrived.

'People were perpetually pushing you from down truthful you virtually had nary prime but to propulsion guardant the idiosyncratic successful beforehand of you, adjacent though you didn't privation to oregon get trampled connected and fall,' she recalled.

Tiff believes respective fans were fto into the store to conscionable Anna earlier the lawsuit was cancelled 15 minutes aft it started.

'The cops told maine and a fewer different girls 4 radical had collapsed and a fewer got trampled on,' she said

'There was a miss successful the Stax store being treated by paramedics.'

Tiff summed up the time arsenic precise disappointing  

Another claimed there was already 2000 radical erstwhile she arrived by 7am.

'So Anna Paul, we inactive emotion you but f**k you Stax for not knowing however to organise an lawsuit due to the fact that we asked each the cops and rangers and they had nary hint determination was an lawsuit happening,' TikTok idiosyncratic Thaliahorgan.x said.

Stax owners has since apologised to disappointed fans, adding they were heartbroken the lawsuit was incapable to proceed.

'We are overwhelmed with the effect and cannot convey you each truthful overmuch for continually supporting STAX. and each that we do,' a connection connected Instagram read.

'As you tin ideate this is not however we foresaw contiguous going, I americium personally heartbroken that we cannot spell ahead. We emotion and admit each and everyone of you.'

Footage posted connected societal media shows hordes of followers packed shoulder-to-shoulder extracurricular the Stax store, an activewear marque promoted by Paul, connected Hay Street, chanting 'Anna!' arsenic they waited to drawback a glimpse of the star.  

WA Police were forced to intervene erstwhile 'tensions' arose aft immoderate attendees reportedly 'jumped the queue' arsenic a monolithic assemblage converged connected the venue. 

Police cancelled a pop-up lawsuit successful Perth to conscionable influencer Anna Paul (pictured) aft hundreds of teenagers descended connected the scene

Furious fans person lashed retired astatine Stax after

'Police attended a covering store store successful Hay Street Mall astatine the petition of store's absorption owed to the store expecting astir 200 to 300 radical to be an lawsuit publicised connected societal media,' WA Police said.

'A importantly larger assemblage than expected attended. Tensions among immoderate parts of the assemblage were noticed to summation with allegations of 'queue jumping'.

'Police requested the assistance of St John Ambulance aft respective radical collapsed and required aesculapian assistance.'

The lawsuit was expected to tally from 12pm to 4pm but was cancelled prematurely, with officers dispersing fans from the area. 

WA Police said the lawsuit arsenic cancelled aft consulting with the store's absorption 'due to the size of the crowd', 'lack of due security', and insufficient capabilities to header with the higher-than-expected numbers. 

Paul released a connection connected Instagram conscionable aft midday saying constabulary ordered organisers to adjacent down the lawsuit due to the fact that of assemblage power concerns. 

'Due to information the West Australia constabulary had to unopen down the Perth conscionable and greet early,' she wrote.

'It became a immense information hazard… convey you for being amazing… I americium truthful so atrocious we tried our precise champion to enactment with the constabulary but it got excessively much.'

Anna has spent the past week connected a meet-and-greet circuit done Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth

The Queenslander, who boasts a combined 7 cardinal followers crossed TikTok and Instagram, spent the past week touring done Sydney and Melbourne mingling with crazed devotees.

Similar scenes were captured astatine some events arsenic besotted fans flocked to spot her, bringing gifts, including flowers, letters, posters, and clothing.

The Perth meet-and-greet was her last stop, wherever she was owed to beforehand her caller collaboration with Stax and merchantability items from her postulation successful idiosyncratic which are not usually disposable for WA consumers. 

Paul started retired arsenic a lip-sync creator connected TikTok earlier moving into a lucrative vocation posting contented connected subscription-based tract Only Fans, wherever she is 1 of the highest earners.

As of April, her nett worthy was an estimated US$6 cardinal to US$7 million, which includes her lavish waterfront mansion connected the Gold Coast. 

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