Ann Coulter: Merrick Garland Is a Lunatic

1 month ago

Let’s anticipation Merrick Garland’s hunt of Mar-a-Lago is based connected much grounds than his indictment of the Louisville, Kentucky, constabulary officers progressive successful the raid connected Breonna Taylor’s house.

That passive operation I conscionable utilized — “involved successful the raid on,” alternatively of “who raided” — is not sloppy writing: It’s the facts. The officers who really changeable Taylor person not been charged, seemingly connected the flimsy grounds that they were being changeable astatine erstwhile they fired.

Instead, our lunatic lawyer wide has indicted officers who prepared the affidavit utilized to get the warrant to hunt Taylor’s home. In the words of the indictment, the affidavit “contained accusation that was false, misleading and out-of-date … and that the officers lacked probable origin for the search.”

Further, the indictment besides alleges that the officers knew they were providing mendacious information.

Breonna Taylor, you volition recall, was the moll for cause trader Jamarcus Glover, 1 of Louisville’s biggest suppliers of cocaine and fentanyl, and truthful by explanation a murderer. On March 13, 2020, the constabulary executed simultaneous hunt warrants connected 2 of his “trap houses” arsenic good arsenic the location of his bagwoman, Breonna.

At Taylor’s house, constabulary announced themselves and got nary response. They announced themselves again; nary response. They announced themselves again; nary response. Finally, they utilized a battering ram to enter. Almost immediately, an serviceman was shot.

The antheral with Taylor, Kenneth Walker, claims helium changeable astatine the officers due to the fact that helium thought the guys pounding connected the beforehand doorway and yelling “POLICE!” were location invaders. Skeptics volition accidental that’s implausible, but it is present treated arsenic hard information successful specified solid, reliable quality sources arsenic The New York Times.

The officers returned occurrence and deed Taylor, who had the misfortune to beryllium lasting adjacent to her fellow arsenic helium was shooting astatine the police. Riots ensued. Taylor’s household got $12 million.

Kentucky’s transgression prosecution of the 1 serviceman charged ended successful an acquittal. With past week’s suit, the national authorities is present bringing its ain transgression charges against the constabulary — successful a sane world, this would beryllium treble jeopardy — alleging that the affidavit for a hunt warrant was based connected accusation that was knowingly “false, misleading and out-of-date.”

Specifically, the feds accidental the pursuing claims were false:

1. Glover and Taylor had an “ongoing connection”;

2. Glover utilized Taylor’s code arsenic his residence;

3. Glover received packages astatine Taylor’s address.

While it tin beryllium murky determining the precise narration presumption and residence of a cause dealer, particularly erstwhile helium works retired of 3 trap houses and has aggregate girlfriends, those 3 claims are not false. They are “true.”

 The cops didn’t lie; the indictment does.

1. Did Glover and Taylor person an “ongoing connection”?

Their narration dates backmost to astatine slightest 2016, erstwhile Taylor loaned Glover her rental car, lone to person the constabulary amusement up astatine her doorway to inquire astir the dormant assemblage successful the trunk. The dormant antheral turned retired to beryllium the member of 1 of Glover’s transgression confederates.

But that was 4 years earlier the raid! Surely, Breonna wised up aft the body-in-the-trunk incidental and dumped Jamarcus similar a blistery potato. Right?

Nope! Taylor continued bonding Glover retired of jailhouse done his galore arrests from 2016 to 2020. He called Taylor from jailhouse astatine least 26 times during those 4 years — that tin beryllium proven — including connected Jan. 3, 2020, 3 months earlier the raids. During that telephone from January 2020, the 2 speech astir sleeping unneurotic and speech “I emotion you”s.

On Jan. 2, 2020, constabulary installed a rod camera to observe 1 of the ace houses successful effect to galore convulsive assaults successful the area. The precise time the camera went up, Taylor’s car was seen pulling up to the house, dropping disconnected Glover. On Feb. 13, 2020, Taylor drove him determination again, and portion waiting for him, got retired of her car, successful afloat presumption of the camera.

GPS tracking showed his car driving to Taylor’s location six times successful January 2020 alone.

But this is simply a adust recitation of constabulary evidence. Glover’s babe mama (not Breonna) is much colorful. In a recorded jailhouse telephone call the time aft the shooting, she told him: “This bitch (Breonna) wherever she’s been with you, since you ain’t been implicit astatine my location … the aforesaid time you station a representation I conjecture she station a video, you knew it due to the fact that she said what’s up she was successful the furniture with you, you kissing each implicit her.”

Glover repeatedly assures the irate babe mama that Breonna conscionable kept his wealth for him — and that thousands of dollars were inactive astatine her house.

Now, wherever successful the satellite would the constabulary get the thought that Glover and Taylor had immoderate benignant of “ongoing connection”? It’s a puzzlement.

2. Did Glover usage Taylor’s code arsenic his “residence”?

Again, what constituted Glover’s “residence” is simply a spot of a philosophical question because, successful the words of his babe mama, “You bounce backmost and distant betwixt these bitches.”

But helium had to springiness the slope an address. He gave them Taylor’s — arsenic confirmed by the constabulary with subpoenaed bank records they obtained connected Feb. 24, 2020, specified weeks earlier the raids. He besides had to springiness constabulary a telephone fig erstwhile helium filed a ailment successful February astir his car being towed. He gave them Breonna’s number.

To the grade that a large coke trader with a drawstring of ladies has immoderate fixed address, Glover’s code was Taylor’s house.

3. Did Glover person packages astatine Taylor’s residence?

This one’s the easiest to answer. The constabulary had photos of Glover carrying a USPS bundle from her location connected Jan. 16, 2020. His car pulls up, helium walks into her location empty-handed, past emerges carrying the USPS package. (Whereupon, helium drove straight to a trap house.)

The hilarious portion of this complaint is that according to the indictment, it is based connected the connection of U.S. Postal Inspector Tony Gooden, who has been giving interviews all over, saying that successful January 2020, his bureau investigated whether immoderate “potentially suspicious packages” were being sent to Taylor’s house. But aft a thorough investigation, helium reported, nope, nary suspicious packages!

That hunt indispensable person been exhaustive.

Even the lawyer representing Taylor’s household wasn’t anserine capable to contradict the packages. Amid a blizzard of fanciful claims astir Taylor and Glover’s narration — They’d breached up years ago! They hardly stayed successful touch! — the lawyer admitted that Taylor “accepted packages” for Glover.

Yeah, we know. There are pictures. The lone radical who don’t cognize are the Louisville postal inspector and the lawyer wide of the United States.

This fall, the Democrats volition effort to person you that they enactment the police. Why, look astatine however good we treated the cop who shot Ashli Babbitt! Never hide that this is the enactment that spent 2 1/2 years — and counting! — trying to destruct Louisville constabulary officers for risking their lives to instrumentality down a large cause ring.

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