Albuquerque police are investigating a possible serial killer after three Muslim men murdered

2 days ago

Police successful Albuquerque are investigating a imaginable serial killer, aft 3 Muslim men were murdered wrong 5 miles of each different successful the past 9 months.

The trio were each ambushed unsocial extracurricular their location oregon enactment place, and killed by a gunman.

They did not cognize each other, though the 2 astir caller victims attended the aforesaid mosque.

After the 3rd killing, connected Monday, Albuquerque constabulary and the FBI held a quality league Thursday successful beforehand of the Islamic Center of New Mexico to denote investigators person recovered a 'strong possibility' the aforesaid attacker could person carried retired each 3 murders.

'While we won't spell into wherefore we deliberation there's a connection, there's 1 beardown commonality successful each of our victims — their contention and religion,' said Deputy Cmdr. Kyle Hartsock.

He appealed for the public's assistance successful tracking down the killer.

A ceremonial was held connected Friday successful Albuquerque for the 2 astir caller victims: Aftab Hussein, 41, and 27-year-old Muhammad Afzaal Hussain, some from Pakistan

Altaf Hussein cries implicit the sedate of his member Aftab Hussein astatine Fairview Memorial Park successful Albuquerque connected Friday

Altaf Hussain sprinkles ungraded implicit the sedate of his member Aftab Hussein, who was murdered connected July 28 successful the parking batch of his flat complex

'My conjecture is idiosyncratic retired determination either straight knows who did this and they tin supply that accusation to constabulary oregon they've noticed immoderate behaviour changes successful idiosyncratic astir them that they deliberation could perchance bash this,' Hartsock said.

'Two of these murders person happened successful (a) week. Whoever's doing them, is changing up their lifestyle, their behavior, thing is disconnected much than usual.'

Tahir Gauba, a spokesperson for the Islamic Center, said Albuquerque's Muslim assemblage is feeling panicked by the news.

'We person ne'er felt this overmuch fearfulness successful our community,' Gauba said.

'I've ne'er seen this overmuch fearfulness wrong my ain family.'

The archetypal execution was carried retired connected the evening of November 7.

Mohammad Ahmadi, 62, was recovered extracurricular the cafe helium ran with his member Sharief A. Hadi - Ariana Halal Market & Cafe.

The Afghan-born brothers emigrated to the United States with their begetter successful the aboriginal 1980s: archetypal surviving successful Pennsylvania, past moving to New Mexico aft Hadi, making a surviving selling gemstones, came crossed the portion and loved it.

'I had to question each over, past I got to New Mexico,' Hadi told ABP News Online. 'I similar it – the upwind and the radical were truthful nice. And I chose to enactment present due to the fact that of my business.'

Mohammad Ahmadi, 62, was killed connected November 7

Hadi and his member opened the marketplace successful 2008, with Ahmadi moving arsenic a cook, specializing successful accepted Afghan dishes and often catering for groups astatine the adjacent university.

Hadi said helium near Ahmadi astatine the store to decorativeness cooking, and suspects his member had gone retired to fume a cigaret erstwhile helium was changeable astir 6pm.

'I near astatine 5 o'clock and helium had laid down successful the back,' Hadi said.

'When I went location idiosyncratic called maine and said 'Sharief what's going connected astatine your store?' When I came backmost the constabulary were each over.'

Hadi successful January said helium was baffled by the unsolved murder.

'I don't person thing to archer you,' helium said. 'He is my brother. I loved him, helium loved me.'

Eight months later, a 2nd Muslim antheral was murdered: 41-year-old Aftab Hussein, who moved to New Mexico successful 2016.

Working arsenic a busser for a section cafe, Hussein rented a second-story flat adjacent the Mesa Verde Community Center with 2 roommates and told them helium had precocious got engaged to a pistillate backmost location successful Pakistan.

Aftab Hussein, 41, a busser astatine a section restaurant, was murdered connected July 28

He was moving to get his passport and different question documents unneurotic truthful helium could spell to Pakistan and get married, his person Iftikhar Amirjan told The Albuquerque Journal.

'He was precise happy. He said 'I'll spell to Pakistan and get joined and bring my woman here' and helium said 'I'll marque my life,' you know,' Amirjan said.

'He said 'I'll bargain a location aboriginal connected and person children.''

Hussein was changeable successful the evening of July 26 successful the parking batch of the analyzable wherever helium lived.

His roommates, frightened, person since moved out, portion Hussein's member has flown successful from the United Kingdom.

The 3rd sidesplitting was connected Monday, erstwhile well-known section assemblage organizer and metropolis planner Muhammad Afzaal Hussain, 27, was murdered extracurricular his home.

Born successful Pakistan, helium moved to the United States successful 2017 to get a master's grade successful assemblage and determination readying astatine the University of New Mexico and served arsenic president of the Graduate and Professional Student Association from 2019 to 2020.

Muhammad Afzaal Hussain, 27, was changeable dormant extracurricular his location portion his member cooked meal wrong connected Monday

He worked with Representative Melanie Stansbury's run for Congress and past got a occupation arsenic the readying and onshore usage manager for the metropolis of Española, 90 miles northbound of Albuquerque.

Hussein had been commuting for the past twelvemonth but was soon to determination to Española.

His older brother, Muhammad Imtiaz Hussain, a erstwhile authoritative who moved to the U.S. successful 2014 to proceed studying law, had been staying with his sibling, and brought his 2 young children with him.

Imtiaz Hussain told The Albuquerque Journal that Afzaal Hussain stepped extracurricular astir 9pm, apt to telephone friends oregon household successful Pakistan, portion helium cooked dinner.

Neighbors reported seeing a car propulsion up alongside his member arsenic idiosyncratic wrong opened fire, shooting erstwhile and past 4 to six much times.

'My member — helium was specified a decent, lively young man, an unmarried idiosyncratic progressive with the community, each the clip helping everyone,' Imtiaz Hussain said.

'So what is the motive. Why did they sprout him? If he's shot, however are we safe?

'I privation a proactive, rigorous investigation, elaborate and speedy trials truthful that those radical who privation to instrumentality beingness for different idiosyncratic for nothing.

'Maybe they were stealing his phone, I don't know, whatever.

'But this is beingness and galore lives are connected to him.'

Jordan Yutzy, the Española metropolis manager, said the squad was successful shock.

'He is going to beryllium genuinely missed by the city,' Yutzy said.

'He was precise smart, precise dedicated, and truly cared astir the assemblage arsenic a whole. His volition beryllium precise large shoes for the metropolis to fill.'

Prayers are held for Hussein and Hussain connected Friday successful the Islamic Center of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico said it was 'deeply saddened to perceive astir the tragic and abrupt nonaccomplishment of a cherished alumni' who 'was a salient pupil person and vibrant quality being.'

'Muhammad was an inspiring person and a truly peculiar Lobo who touched truthful galore lives,' UNM President Garnett Stokes said. 'It was my privilege to cognize and enactment with him.'

Stansbury tweeted: 'As we grieve the unthinkable nonaccomplishment of Muhammad Afzaal Hussain, instrumentality enforcement has released caller accusation that his shooting whitethorn beryllium linked with the deaths of Mohammad Admadi and Aftab Hussein successful our community.

'We are moving intimately with federal, state, and section partners to support our Muslim, immigrant, and Middle Eastern communities and bring those liable to justice. Our communities volition not tolerate hatred successful immoderate form.'

Martin Heinrich, legislator for New Mexico, said: 'Muhammad Afzaal Hussain was a pillar successful the UNM assemblage and an unthinkable unit for good.

'I'm precise acrophobic by instrumentality enforcement reports that his execution whitethorn beryllium linked to 2 different murders of Muslim men successful Albuquerque. Racist, hate-fueled unit has nary spot successful New Mexico.'

Tim Keller, the politician of Albuquerque, said the metropolis volition proceed to 'stand by our Muslim neighbors'.

'While we bash not person each the answers yet, what we bash cognize is that unit against members of our assemblage based connected contention oregon religion volition not beryllium tolerated successful Albuquerque,' helium said successful a statement.

On Friday, much than 1,000 radical attended a associated ceremonial for Hussein and Hussain.

Imam Mahmoud Eldenawi spoke of the community's shock, 6Park News reported.

'All of us, not conscionable Muslims, each different communities, were shocked and saddened by this benignant of decease of guiltless people, they did nothing,' Eldenawi said.

'But this evil feline who committed this crime, helium doesn't person immoderate benignant of religion, helium doesn't person immoderate benignant of sympathy, passion, mercy astatine all.'

The Council connected American-Islamic Relations is offering a $5,000 reward for information, and the Anti-Defamation League is urging a swift investigation.

'It is abhorrent for idiosyncratic to beryllium targeted simply for who they are, and we explicit our heavy interest and enactment for the Muslim assemblage successful New Mexico,' said Regional Director Scott Levin.

'We convey members of instrumentality enforcement for investigating and taking the substance seriously, and powerfully promote prosecutors to prosecute hatred transgression charges if grounds shows the killings were committed due to the fact that of the Muslim individuality of the victims.'

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