Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola Defeats Sarah Palin and Will Serve Full Term in Congress

5 days ago

After Alaska voters’ 2nd and 3rd choices were tabulated nether the state’s ranked-choice voting system, Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola (D) is expected to service 1 afloat word successful Congress aft defeating Republican challenger Sarah Palin.

Peltola earned 136,893 votes, a 54.9 percent share, compared to Palin’s 45.1 percent with 112,255 votes.

Rep. Mary Peltola's (D) reelection successful #AKAL is present ranked-choice official. Final circular numbers:

Peltola (D): 136,893 (54.9%)
Palin (R): 112,255 (45.1%)

— Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) November 24, 2022

Alaska’s Divison of Elections tabulated voters’ 2nd and 3rd choices connected Wednesday, which solidified Peltola’s victory.

As Breitbart News explained:

All candidates from each parties look connected the ballot unneurotic successful the August primary. The apical 4 vote-getters careless of enactment past beforehand to the wide election, and their voters are fixed the accidental to prime their apical choice, arsenic good arsenic their 2nd and 3rd choices. If nary campaigner successful the archetypal circular of voters’ archetypal choices gets 50 percent of the vote, the past spot candidate’s 2nd choices are distributed crossed the remaining 3 candidates to spot if idiosyncratic tin get crossed the bulk threshold. If that fails again to nutrient a bulk vote-getter, past a 3rd circular is conducted wherever the 3rd spot candidate’s votes are redistributed according to 2nd choices betwixt the remaining 2 candidates.

The result mightiness person been antithetic if Palin was not vying for Republican votes with chap GOP campaigner Nick Begich.

Sarah Palin attends the Get Out the Vote Rally successful Anchorage, AK, connected November 6, 2 days earlier the midterm elections (Courtesy of Sarah Palin).

“As Republicans turned connected 1 oregon another, it allowed [Peltola] to enactment supra the fray and to speech astir issues and, again, to specify herself arsenic she wanted,” governmental advisor Matt Shuckerow said.

Palin is connected grounds opposing the ranked-choice voting system. “I bash not judge successful this system. It should not beryllium embraced by enthusiastic information erstwhile we cognize it’s not right,” Palin said.

Peltola joined Congress successful September aft defeating Palin successful Begich successful a peculiar predetermination held to capable deceased Rep. Don Young’s (R) spot successful Congress arsenic Alaska’s lone representative.

Peltola ran connected a “pro-fish, pro-family, pro-freedom” level that focused connected civility alternatively of criticizing her 2 Republican opponents.

Peltola volition articulation the House Democrats minority, but her triumph brings the Democrats’ full spot number up to 213.

Alaska’s Division of Elections plans to certify the predetermination results adjacent week connected November 29.

Jordan Dixon-Hamilton is simply a newsman for Breitbart News. Write to him at [email protected] or travel him connected Twitter. 

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