Agatha Christie's unsolved mystery of 11-day disappearance is 'cracked' by historian Lucy Worsley

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Historians person agelong scratched their heads implicit wherefore celebrated crime writer Agatha Christie disappeared successful 1926 lone to mysteriously crook up 11 days aboriginal astatine a edifice hundreds of miles distant from her Berkshire home.

But present BBC historiographer Lucy Worsley believes she has recovered the reasons wherefore Christie - dubbed the 'Queen of Crime' for penning 66 detective novels, including the stories of beloved detectives Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot - inexplicably vanished: She was successful information experiencing a uncommon intelligence authorities brought connected by affectional trauma.

Christie, past aged 36, had entered a 'fugue state', successful which she would person suffered a nonaccomplishment of her ain consciousness of self, amnesia and the tendency to embark connected abrupt and unplanned question distant from home.

Mystery solved? Historians person agelong scratched their heads implicit wherefore celebrated transgression writer Agatha Christie disappeared successful 1926, but historiographer Lucy Worsley believes she has the answer

Two affectional traumas whitethorn person triggered specified a condition.

Eight months earlier her disappearance successful April 1926, Christie had mislaid her mother, with whom she had been exceptionally adjacent and had been suffering slump arsenic a result.

Then successful August 1926, her hubby Colonel Archie Christie, a aviator successful World War One announced that helium wanted a divorcement due to the fact that helium was successful emotion with a younger woman, Nancy Neele.

Lucy Worsley believes Christie fell into a 'fugue state', a uncommon intelligence condition, successful 1926

Worsley, who has been researching into the enigma disappearance for her caller biography, Agatha Christie, told BBC History Magazine that she believes the author's intelligence authorities deteriorated implicit this time.

The historiographer said: 'She reported forgetfulness, tearfulness, insomnia, an inability to header with mean life. Her intelligence authorities became truthful atrocious that she considered suicide.'

By December, Christie had fallen into a 'fugue state'.

Worsley explained: 'Now, this is simply a precise uncommon condition, and it causes you to measurement close extracurricular your mean aforesaid and follow different persona, truthful that you don't person to deliberation astir the trauma you've been experiencing successful your existent situation.'

News of Agatha Christie's disappearance sparked a media frenzy and a nationwide manhunt

News reports speculated connected Christie's disappearance, including suggestions it was a hoax

On 3 December 1926, Christie had an statement with her hubby and conscionable hours aboriginal she kissed her seven-year-old girl Rosalind goodbye and disappeared from their location successful Sunningdale, Berkshire.

The pursuing morning, her car was discovered astatine Newlands Corner successful Surrey, parked supra a chalk quarry with an expired driving licence and apparel inside. 

News of Agatha Christie's disappearance sparked a media frenzy and a nationwide manhunt.

More than a 1000 constabulary officers, 15,000 volunteers and several aeroplanes searched the agrarian landscape.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes, became progressive aft giving a tone mean 1 of Christie's gloves to assistance way down the writer.

On 14 December 1926, she was yet located astatine a edifice successful Harrogate, Yorkshire, registered nether the sanction of Mrs Tressa Neele - utilizing the surname of her husband's mistress.

After Christie was recovered she claimed that she could not retrieve a item of what had happened successful those 11 days and seldom spoke of the incidental ever again

After being found, Christie claimed she could not retrieve a item of what had happened successful those 11 days and seldom spoke of the incidental ever again.

Some accused her of faking the full lawsuit arsenic a mode of spiting her cheating hubby oregon worse, to framework him for her murder, but Worsley disagrees.

She said: 'That's not framing your cheating hubby for murder, that is surviving with a truly superior intelligence wellness condition.'

Christie went connected to divorcement Archie successful 1928, and joined Max Mallowan successful 1930. 

She was made a Dame successful 1971 and died aged 85 successful January 1976. 

She has sold much than 2 cardinal books and her signifier play The Mousetrap has tally for a grounds 70 years. 

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