Ad Nauseam From Lauren Boebert's Congressional Opponent Is A S**tstorm

9 months ago

A Colorado Democrat running to defeat controversial Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert has just released a political ad that is truly full of crap.

Alex Walker’s new video depicts a literal shitstorm: poop falling from the skies; constituents getting disgustingly doused.

The theme of Walker’s campaign? “A bull. Not a bullshitter.”

“We are real Coloradans,” Walker says in the two-minute spot. “We deserve a living wage, small government that actually works and freedom of choice. Instead, we have bullshit.”

Walker then asks, “Don’t you ever wonder where it’s all coming from?” That leads to a shot of a “Lauren Boebert” nameplate on a desk, then a lookalike massively dousing her office in dookie.

It’s a dirty message to give voters, but Walker seems to be OK with delivering the straight poop.

“I’m Alex Walker, and I approve the shit out of this message,” he said.

The disclaimer is also on brand: “This unshitty video paid for by Walker for Colorado.”

You can see the video below.

It remains to be seen whether the outrageous ad will attract voters, but Walker is the 11th Democrat who has announced a run to replace Boebert,

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