A Bunch Of Republicans Are (Quietly) Running Against Donald Trump

1 week ago

The midterm elections are barely behind us, but Republicans are already looking ahead two years: To the next presidential election when they’ll have the opportunity to retake the White House from Joe Biden.

So far, only Donald Trump has made his candidacy official, while nearly a dozen other Republicans are expected to announce their plans in the coming weeks and months. Primary season kicked off in earnest last weekend at the Republican Jewish Coalition leadership convention, a showcase for those who are weighing still-unconfirmed challenges to Trump for the GOP nomination.

Far from clearing the field, a slew of Republicans who once embraced the former president are now sharpening their pitches against him, something that seemed unthinkable as recently as a few weeks ago, before Trump-backed candidates were fully shellacked in the midterms. The better-then-expected result for Democrats was seen as a rejection of the hard-line MAGA movement and an opening for a new GOP standard-bearer.

But having too many candidates in the mix might backfire on Republicans by simulating a Read Entire Article