A beauty in a famous glamor contest poses without make-up to be 'natural'. What next?

3 months ago

The twelvemonth 2018 was a bittersweet 1 for Miss America, erstwhile they removed the swimsuit conception from the pageant successful a displacement distant from contestants being judged excessively overmuch connected carnal beauty.

Julia Morley, who took implicit Miss Great Britain from her begetter Eric successful 2000, had already axed the conception successful 2014, stating that women conscionable walking up and down successful bikinis ‘doesn’t bash thing for the woman, it doesn’t bash thing for immoderate of us.’

This week, Miss England contestant and authorities pupil Melissa Raouf went without make-up successful the semi-finals, deciding to trust connected lone her earthy beauty. It’s the archetypal clip this has happened successful the show’s 94-year history.

What next? No bony whitener successful a motion to times erstwhile our rotten teeth fell retired naturally? Stop washing our hairsbreadth due to the fact that grease is portion and parcel of having sebaceous glands beneath the follicles?

What’s everyone got against beauty? At a clip erstwhile women are being denied their precise gender, this should beryllium a clip to observe womanhood, not consign it backmost to the container wherever it laic dormant for centuries.

I grew up watching quality pageants connected a tiny achromatic and achromatic TV my parents leased. I loved the different worldliness of them – a beingness acold distant from the 1 I was surviving increasing up successful a tiny colony successful Wales. The time my parents swapped the aged TV for a colour 1 was 1 of the happiest days of my life; and, ye gods, the archetypal clip I saw Miss World successful each its rainbow glory, I thought I would expire from excitement.

Columnist Jaci Stephens, pictured successful the middle, has been a salient taste professional and writer for implicit 30 years

This week, authorities pupil Melisa Raouf (left without constitution and right,with) made headlines erstwhile she became the archetypal ever contestant to look make-up escaped astatine the Miss England competition

My parents utilized to enactment my member and maine to furniture astatine 6pm, successful the committedness that if we slept for 2 hours, they would aftermath america up for the commencement of the contention astatine 8pm. Oh, the thrill of coming backmost downstairs successful our dressing gowns and being allowed different 2 hours successful big clip successful beforehand of the kaleidoscopic array of beauties!

I could lone imagination of ever looking similar 1 of the hourglasses successful a swimsuit. I was going to ballet classes astatine the clip and it was wide from the commencement that I was ne'er going to chopped it connected the catwalk.

For the extremity of word show, the institution was divided into 2 sections – 32 snowflakes, who would don tutus and pinkish satin pumps, and six fishermen, whose costumes were brownish shorts, sandals, and a achromatic and brownish gingham top.

I was formed arsenic a fisherman (I tin inactive consciousness the elastic pinching my plump arms to this day).

I inactive retrieve the ’dance’ (I usage the connection loosely) when, rod successful hand, I had to locomotion onto the signifier with my chap anglers, formed the net, cheque for a food and shingle my caput erstwhile I discovered the nett was empty. Then, we formed our nets again, marveled astatine the non-existent food we had caught and marched off. That was it.

Years later, successful secondary school, I was formed arsenic Cinna the writer successful Julius Caesar. Basically, the bard walks onstage, says thing on the lines of ‘Hello, I’m Cinna the poet’, gets stabbed and is dragged off.

In schoolhouse nativity plays, I was ne'er going to beryllium Mary - that was ever the miss with agelong blonde hair. Even backmost then, my hairsbreadth bore much resemblance to Hitler’s than Marie Antoinette’s.

Stephens, who grew up successful agrarian Wales, writes of her joyousness astatine being allowed to enactment up precocious with her member successful bid to ticker quality pageants successful their youth

Stephens writes that portion watching quality pageants arsenic a youngster she could lone imagination of looking similar the contestants and their hourglass figures

Destined to walk my beingness successful the wings during my youth, I inactive grew up with an admiration of women whose figures were ever going to beryllium amended than excavation and who were prettier, taller (I americium 5ft and, I think, present starting to shrink), and altogether much beauteous than I could ever anticipation to be.

I inactive respect them. Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz – I tin lone beryllium backmost and marvel astatine the luck of the draw. And admire.

Yes, they each person earthy beauty, but they besides deterioration make-up for their respective jobs, and they are a darn show much charismatic for doing so. I don’t spell to a performance oregon ticker a TV to spot the ordinariness of my mundane quality reflected backmost astatine me.

I don’t privation to spot Dame Joan Collins without her wig and sans make-up; it mightiness beryllium rather terrifying. I privation her to beryllium the superstar she is and not attraction however agelong she takes to overgarment connected her slap. She is aged benignant glamour – and it’s an uplifting conception successful a depressing age. If I wanted to ticker Planet of the Apes, I’d download it.

I, similar a batch of women, consciousness amended erstwhile I’ve had my hairsbreadth done, enactment connected my make-up and formal smartly. I cognize a batch of men who consciousness the aforesaid (make-up included) – look astatine Ru Paul’s Drag Race, the astir superb amusement that is simply a solemnisation to the creation of make-up and costume – and swimwear, I mightiness adhd (and I volition surely ne'er look arsenic gorgeous arsenic these guys).

Like it oregon not, the quality manufacture is huge, due to the fact that astir of america bash not person ‘natural beauty’; nor bash we person conscionable okay, fto unsocial cleanable figures. Melissa Raouf is 20; she has precocious cheekbones and is, clearly, that elusive happening called a earthy beauty. Would that the remainder of america were truthful lucky.

But we’re not. ‘A happening of quality is simply a joyousness forever’ said the large Romantic poet, John Keats. ‘Its loveliness increases; it volition never/Pass into nothingness.’ Amen to that. So, let’s proceed to bask beauty, particularly astatine a clip erstwhile determination is truthful overmuch ugliness successful the world.

And Ru Paul – support those swimsuits coming.

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